Request for Qualifications and Technical Proposals for Bridge Engineering Services




The Town of Jaffrey, NH is requesting statements of qualifications and brief technical proposals
for the bridge engineering services related to Nutting Road over Contoocook River, Bridge #159/094.
The Nutting Road Bridge is a two lane, masonry arch structure constructed in 1905. The stone arch
bridge structure spans approximately 29 feet and is on the NHDOT Municipal Redlist. This project is
being funded by the Town and NHDOT under the Municipally-Managed State Bridge Aid Program.

Your firm is requested to submit a statement of qualifications and brief technical proposal for the
project. Your statement of qualifications should include an overview of your company, staff,
project team, and project experience similar in nature to the Nutting Road Bridge with references.
Your technical proposal should follow the NHDOT Design Procedures for Municipally-Managed State
Bridge Aid Program Projects and include your project understanding, approach, and schedule.

Three (3) copies of the statement of qualifications and technical proposal, marked “Qualifications
& Technical Proposal for Nutting Road Bridge Engineering”, shall be submitted in a sealed envelope
Randall W. Heglin, Director Jaffrey Department of Public Works
23 Knight Street Jaffrey, New Hampshire 03452

Qualifications submissions must be received by 3:30 P.M., Local Time, November 21, 2017.

Questions regarding this request may be directed to: Randall W. Heglin at 603-532-6521

After review of qualifications and technical proposals, the Town may interview firms and select the
best qualified firm to enter into negotiations with for the scope and engineering fees associated
with the project.