Tax Collector

The Tax Collector's Office is open. No lines no waiting if you call to schedule an appointment.  Please call the office at 603.532.7860 to schedule an appointment.  Masks are still required when coming into the Town Office.  Thank you! 

You can now pay your Town of Jaffrey Water and Sewer bill online - click here to get started!

You can now pay your Town of Jaffrey Tax bill online - click here to get started!

If you have further questions, please call or email the Tax Collector's Office. 

Note: Paying Water & Sewer Bills online:

Please be advised when paying online there is a “3 Business day” hold period before the town receives your funds. These business days do not include Saturday and Sunday. If you schedule your payment online for the Friday the bill is due the town will receive your payment the following Wednesday. This holding period is outside the control of the Town of Jaffrey.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Chelsie Thibault Tax Collector (603) 532-7860