Give to the Library

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Taxpayer funding only pays a portion of the Library’s operating expenses.  We depend on outside support from our generous community and grant makers to keep our services free and accessible to all.  All gifts, regardless of size, have a big impact. Private philanthropy and outside grants play a pivotal role in allowing the library to reach new heights and provide services beyond keeping the lights on. 

Your gift to the Jaffrey Public Library is tax deductible.

The Town of Jaffrey, NH is a political subdivision of the State of New Hampshire and, as such, is a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 4253 (i).
The Tax Identification Number for the Town of Jaffrey is 02-6000435.
The Jaffrey Public Library is considered a Town Department therefore it is also tax exempt. Charitable contributions for a public purpose are tax deductible. 26 U.S.C § 170(c)(1).