Transfer Station/Recycling Center




The Transfer Station provides a convenient and efficient location for residents to dispose of their solid waste and recyclables. Recyclables are marketed through various vendors with the assistance of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association.

Transfer Station Stickers Expire December 31st!

Stickers are available at the office of the Town Clerk in the Town Offices and at the Transfer Station.  Proof of residency and vehicle registration are required to obtain a sticker.  Please see "Frequently Asked Questions" for information on utilization of the Transfer Station including mandatory recycling.

A valid current sticker is needed to use the Jaffrey Transfer Station.  Only one sticker per registered vehicle.

The staff will be requesting to see your sticker (if it is not properly displayed on your vehicle) and will also ensure that proper recycling is being followed.  In Jaffrey, recycling is mandatory. By actively recycling, taxpayers save money by not disposing of these commodities with the household trash at $100.00 per ton.

 Recycle Vegatable Oil?


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Janet "Peachie" Chalke Supervisor (603) 532-6819